Monday, July 13, 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Crime

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Cyber Crime

When it comes to technology, we have taken a huge leap in the development of tech in the past few...
The World of Fintech in Year 2020

The Current Landscape of the Fintech Industry

Since the introduction of the first credit card with a magnetic stripe in 1966, financial technology has come a long way. Silicon Valley may not have birthed the term “fintech”, but it has certainly helped catapult its applications into the mainstream.
Sports Betting Will Attract Millennials Increase Fan Engagement

Sports Betting Now Made Possible in Every State in the United States

The decision of Murphy v. National Collegiate Athletic Association Background
Machine Learning

Deepfake and Its Impact

With the help of modern technology and really smart software, we can make anything possible. Recently, the world's been introduced to an...
Real Estate Prices

Which Country Has the Highest Housing Bubble Risks

For many investors, real estate is considered as good of a place as any to park money—but what happens when things get a little too frothy, and the fundamentals begin to slip away?
2018 Corruption Index

The Corruption Index Around the World – Infographic

Infographic pulls its numbers from the recent 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index report, which has been published by Transparency International annually since 1995.