Monday, September 26, 2022

Open Banking Is Coming to Canada – What You Need To Know

What exactly is open banking, and what can it do for the average person?
Fintech Post Covid

FinTech Helps The Global Economy – Here Are The Future Trends Post COVID

Even in the presence of the global pandemic and economic slowdown, the FinTech industry has grown exponentially over the past few months. While this...
The World of Fintech in Year 2020

The Current Landscape of the Fintech Industry

Since the introduction of the first credit card with a magnetic stripe in 1966, financial technology has come a long way. Silicon Valley may not have birthed the term “fintech”, but it has certainly helped catapult its applications into the mainstream.
Toronto Financial Sector

Canadian Banks and Fintech

Fintech start-ups partnering with large established banks will be offering more innovative services such as mortgages, car loans, student loans, and other financial services, which up until now have been restricted to innovation by slow-moving banking sector.

Why the Success of Regtech Is More Important Than the Success of Fintech

Fintech is still the trend. However, it could be said that regtech, which started as a subset of fintech, has now become relevant enough to be considered as its own category.
Bank Notes

Google Cloud and a Revolution in Banking

In the video below, Google’s technical director, Ulku Rowe, discusses how financial technology from Napier’s Bone in 1619 has evolved to the present day...

How Will 5G Impact FinTech

5G, the next big revolution in technology,  will be a leap forward directly impacting industries like home, retail, media, education, healthcare and financial services,...